For all music booking email Eric at  (Please include links to music and recent venues in NYC where your project has performed.)

All other requests and inquiries including comedy, film, fundraising/benefit events, rentals, theater performances or screenings can be sent to Laura at




Our back line is 1 Fender Hotrod Deluxe, 1 Fender Hotrod DeVille, 1 Behringer guitar cab, an Acoustic B100 combo bass amp, a 4x10 ampeg bass cab w/ an Ampeg SVT 200T 350W head, Fender Keyboard amp & a Mapex Pro Series drum kit with hardware and throne. Drummers must bring snare, cymbals & kick pedal. We also have two keyboard stands available as well as an upright piano on the stage for use.

Please be respectful of our space and the gear provided for use.