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Primpce / Andrew McGowan / Ashlae Blume

Door at 2 PM
Music at 3 PM
All Ages

Primpce (New Orleans)

"Primpce is a newcomer to the New Orleans DIY scene. Founded by Montgomery, Alabama transplants Alex Brownstein-Carter (Spell Breaker) and David Sigler (Quintessential Octopus), its lineup now includes guitarist Eric Buller and bassist Joe Ceponis (a fellow Octopus). Wearing boxers, matching neon green tall tees, and pink construction hats with hi vis pink and green back-flaps at their shows, Primpce play a bizarre brand of experimental music.... Brownstein-Carter—who sings, drums, and plays bass on the album—provides jarring tempi and Captain Beefheart-style vocals, setting the scene for Sigler’s clipped, manic guitar-playing....offering glimpses into an alternate reality where the Minutemen still make music." —Raphael Helfand, Antigravity

Andrew McGowan (NYC, New Orleans)

Andrew McGowan is a pianist from New Orleans, a port city enriched by African-American musical tradition and constantly engaged in the celebration of music. His music is suffused with melody, rhythm, and harmony, expressing joy, sadness, and the search for peace.

Ashlae Blume (New Orleans)

Ashlae Blume is an Argentine-American musician, composer and producer. Born in Baltimore and raised musically in New Orleans, she has toured and traveled across North America and Europe, delighting audiences with her bold and enthusiastic charm. A versatile musician, Ashlae is a daring vocalist as well as instrumentalist, proficient at both piano and accordion. She also plays keys, trumpet, violin, bass, and drums/percussion.

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