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The Torso Reading

Hello esteemed friends, family, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, lovers, and assorted other acquaintances-- you are invited to join us for an official reading of the new play THE TORSO, written by Paige Esterly and directed by Laura Holland! Featuring Isabella Pisacane, Tristan Campbell, Ruthie Ofrasio, and Dan Foster.

Synopsis: When talented 20something Danica moves to New York City to pursue a career as a musician, she assumes things will get off without a hitch. However, on top of her best friend Mary’s sudden turn towards all things "mature" (i.e. grocery shopping, trips to the dentist, and entire afternoons spent NOT stoned out of her mind), her own overwhelming unemployment, and lingering teenage bad habits, Danica soon begins finding mannequin body parts inexplicably hidden around her new apartment. Unsure if these sinister gifts are the work of a stalker or her own slowly slipping mind, she keeps the secret to herself and does her best to slog onward. As her dread mounts and Danica slowly begins to unravel, her friends become increasingly concerned until things come to a head-- literally.

Reading at 9 PM at The Footlight in Ridgewood, Queens (accessible by M train to Seneca Ave or L to Myrtle-Wycoff). Ticket info to come.

Questions? Comments? Constructive criticism? Deep dark secrets you just HAVE to get off your chest? Please email Laura Holland at or Paige Esterly at See you there!