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Let's Be Friends!

LET’S BE FRIENDS! is a show featuring comedy and interviews from comedians who have made appearances on HBO, Comedy Central, and MTV.


Brandon Daniel Garner has been performing comedy for years, but he’s been making new friends for an even longer period of time. He’s finally found a way to combine both passions, by putting on a new kind of comedy show where comedians perform stand-up and then are interviewed by Brandon on how he can become their friend.


A mixture of stand-up, riffing, and interviews, LET’S BE FRIENDS! is a show for anyone who loves stand-up and character-based shows such as CHEERS and PARKS AND RECREATION.


LET’S BE FRIENDS: Come for the comedy, stay for the friendship.



Featuring comedians:

Geoffrey Asmus (Just For Laughs)

Wanjiko Eke (Cinderblock)

Sean McKenzie (Viceland)

Abby Feldman (Gringolandia)

Ginny Hogan (The Newyorker)

Robbie Goodwin (The Todd Glass Show)



$5 Suggested Donation.