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Reverend Jen's Anti-Slam!

Do you miss all the Art Stars? Gerber, Gambine, Master Lee, Amato, Rachel, Diane O'Debra, Don Eng, Sir David Ritz, Joey Gay and so many others? Well, chins up, Art Stars, as the Anti-Slam is making its seasonal reappearance this coming June! The rules remain the same and everyone gets 6 minutes plus a perfect score of ten. If you've never been on a stage before, it's a perfect place to start and if you've performed thousands of times, it's a great way to refresh your batteries. Personally, I just really miss everyone, the camaraderie and communal spirit of fun. Please spread the word. I am gonna try to get Gambine to attend. His birthday is on the 17th and as many of you know (and, much like Gambine, he doesn't mind me sharing) that he has been battling prostate cancer for over a year now and I'd love to incorporate a birthday party into the show and perhaps Knight him, as I did with Sir David Ritz. Seems like everyone has been working their art star asses off just to stay in this city, but we hardly see each other or have much fun. (Basically, I am begging you all to attend.) I am gonna make it a suggested donation of 3 bucks, as usual. xoxoxo