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On the Fritz: Sparkle Swap

spring comes early this year
or late
or just for a minute

a global warming themed clothing swap!


bring your fabulous clothes
something you wore once and it was fun
but maybe you won't wear it again
or spread the love
or something you were given
or an epidemic of unwanted clothes
and you are the solution

at the Cut N Pasties booth (

Extra points for taking on and off clothes in a dramatic way with a backing track!

It's clothing swap meets performance meets each other at

Sparkle Swap ON THE FRITZ

hoooo way

Crab hat anyone? The word 'alligator' written on the side of a canvas bag? A live vido of a frog that can be worn on the head and arms? Solar-powered overalls YES AND YES AND IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME A SECOND TIME!

Merci from our french neighbors and thank you lady liberty
art event making stripping events are still possible in this
dirty little city at 7 PM on a TUESDAY NIGHT!~!!

bring clothes to get rid of, excess donated in a sensible way
please read up on the global trade of clothing
3min lectures on the topic will intersperse the evening

Has the full experience of this gotten into your brain yet?

There must be words, more and more words. Or deeds... Choose deeds and your feet walk you and your energy take you and your aura be drawn about your head by a medieval painter (no instagramming at the event but medieval woodblock printing welcome)

Thank you have a nice day.

Spring cleaning without the spring! Perpetual summer! A bright new world!!

This is not a hot tub party. Swimsuit required (optional).

door by Suggested Donation

practical summary
- a cut n paste clothing remixing booth
- a few 3min. lectures on the world economy of clothes and anything clothing related (write to sign up
- lots of clothes to choose from take as many as you like give as many as you like
- performance wearing and unwearing of clothes both on and off-stage
- Fabric Water Solubility Test: hose 'em down in the yard outside
- near the DeKalb L Stop