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Robot Princess / MNOP / Mischief Night / Duckspeak at Footlight

imagine an early may evening in beautiful ridgewood, queens. the evening air is cool but not cold. it stays bright out until 8:30 at night. birds are cascading across the sky like little airplanes, and the sidewalk trees smell gross because they are starting to blossom. who knows, it may even be that magical first-night-of-the-year that you leave the house with a button up shirt and no jacket. so daring! are you sure you won't get cold on the way home? you'll take your chances, because you're going to a rockandroll show!

that's right! we'll all be at the footlight, enjoying that fun and whimsical genre of music that was popular from the 1950's thru the 1990's. we put together a bill of four bands that, if you ask me, are going to all sound really great together (all-in-a-row together, not all-at-once together). like, if you like ONE of these bands, i don't see any conceivable reason that you won't like ALL of these bands.

DUCKSPEAK - you're almost certainly familiar with the lyrically-oriented folk-rock styling of duck's beak, but have you seen them since they "went electric"? if you have, then you already know!

MISCHIEF NIGHT - skronky garage blues that switches without warning to spooky minimal grooves with five-dimensional harmonies and guitar solos. i've seen these guys like six or seven times and still can't wrap my mind around them.

M N O P - new friends who i am very excited to see. purveyors of exquisitely crafted folk/pop gems. lyrics and melodies both so good that they make me feel angry and like a failure as an artist. (also s/o to amelia for making this poster!!!)

PRINCESS ROBOT - yet another band!!! at this point in the night you can just play a drinking game with how many times our lyrics mention skeletons or rainbows or motorcycles, whatever

it will be $10, doors at 8

srsly i dare you to find anything better to do on a thursday night