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The Last Zen Boogie EVER

Listen bitch, everything ends.

Zen Boogie is OVER, but we're doing one more show. And boy, oh boy it's gonna be a good one!!!

Amanda Hurley
SallyAnn Hall
Kimberly Dinaro
Alise Morales
Ben Wasserman
Rebecca V. O'Neal
Raghav Mehta

Hosted by some horrid bitch (Irene Fagan Merrow)

Can you tell I booked this show hahaahhaah. Who knows, maybe I'll throw up a couple guest spots. Y'all KNOW I'll get drunk and max out my credit card by buying champagne for everyone.

Come out! 9pm at The Footlight off the Dekalb L!

If I can't die, at least my show can!!!!