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Morale Support!- On the Fritz

Do you desperately need help with something?!
We are here for you!!
Whether it's a hairbrained scheme, making a dental appointment, a subway swipe, or being your fallible self, you are among immediate friends tonight.

Part gathering part show part transdimensional tour this is one experience you will not have had before or since!

Choose your form of morale support:
physical : dance, gyrometrics, light shoulder work
spectacle - glitter bombs, flashing lights, bright costumes
audible - music, a serenade, more dance
intellectual - a five point plan to a better you!
mystery - who knows what you'll get?! it might even be good!

We're trying something different with the door tonight.

FREE just pay as you wish during the show with a "Huzzah!".

AND Performances from various talented locals in the genres of:
live music, demonstrative comedy (Zelev Retep), the writing corner (Kendra L. Saunders), and more, (spontaneous entrants welcome or email tothehills-at-gmail)!

DOORS 7:30

it's a fast show
because that's all the time we need
PLUS there's a show right after

so boogie down to this not the bronx location (brooklyn)
and see you in sequins!

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