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On the Fritz: Acting! for Everyone A Show

Acting for All Professions – A Show On The Frtiz(sp)!!

Will you ever get used to the feeling of someone else primping your hair? Are your feet made for walking or massage? Are you an actor or just an actor? This is your night!!

Parlaying his recent acting success on billboards and subway walls into a possibly award-winning hour long program, acting and mustache sensation Fritz Donnelly brings you “ An Early Night of Acting for the Brain Box (with science and sensations and examples and spectacles).” From preparing by using the Voices in Ur Head(TM) to short skirt based sketches (drawing materials provided) to peanut butter masques, you'll learn all the tricks that tips can use to fully develop a crafted response to any stimulation. It's acting the answer for you? Yes its! And you can try it on fully, like a bodysuit under your otherwise standard clothes.

What is this show?

Success breeds success (without the use of condoms or other contraceptive methods like pulling out or reiki intercourse).

So the show is SUCCESS. When you come it starts to happen. Not a secret!

And the show is CONNECTION to the other people in the room. But who are they?

Release the burlesque dancer within! What does this have to do with acting? Claim your sexy body and use it in the lights out middle-of-the-show strip-tease dance party!

Not ready for that? Who is?! Just enjoy a reclining posture, put your feet up. Have a spot of tea! This is a civilized place. And now that your belly is warm:

PLAY CARDS USING GIANT CARDS ! Cards bigger than THIS type FACE! Can you do it with a straight face? A queer face? Can you DOOO it?! That's acting!!

This is a show about acting. With real methods and actual principals (from PS 2878 for example).

The show has three distinct movements:

1) the meditative aroma therapy debunking slash doubling down and re-believing slash pyramid marketing (good for actorz!) intro

2) show n tell – bring something to talk about. It can be a link to something online (we have projector! Technological achievements are mid 90s here and above!) or it can be a casette tape to look at or a painting or a poem or a piece of physical moment. It's your moment.

3) Basketry: are you crasee or just gone baskets? This is therapeutic and filmological. Here we see some short films and the audience is welcome to share a short something that has effected them. We'll watch short snippets just to get an idea. Not the whole thing. Who has time for the whole thing?!

Is this a show by professionals and I can just sit back and enjoy myself and not think about the stressful world and the hell that was my day? YES BUT NO!!!

There is more for you tonight!! I can feel it. And you can feel me! (With your choice of oven mit, strange spandex contraption, tonsils, toenails, or third party intermediary!)

see it from every side
how is acting to a comedian – there's a comedian
how is it to a brain scientist – there's one of those
how is it to an artist, a true artist – there's one here somewhere
how is it to a migrant worker – yes
how is it to a rich inheritor – yes
how is it to a person undefined by occupation/distraction/what they're doing – that IS acting

IT seems silly but it is REAL. Like life, but not life: That's AcTinG !!

Some practicals:
how to audition
how to 'throw it away'
how to prepare
how to not prepare
how to sing (if you don't know how)
how to dance (if you don't know why)
how to switch effortlessly between A and B*

*the A and B method of acting: more advanced than Mysneer(sp) and Higgamuffin and Method/Metaphor Acting

Actors are always talking about doing these short skirts, I can do a short skirt. I can do longer skirts too and even maybe a full length skirt with a beginning and a middle and the other part.

Thank you for joining me tonight. There is drawing. There is dancing. There is audience show-n-tell. There is a poetry corner—striptease is encouraged there. And most of all, there is real acting. Ah. I love it!

Doors 7pm
Show 7:30pm
done by 9:15pm