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Light at 3 Presents!

Light At 3 Presents: Look at This Horse

HELLO!! Light At 3 is back again with our first ever SHOWCASE BABY! We're bringing you six comedians that we absolutly love to The Footlight. There will be prizes, fun ol' bits from your host Gabriel Smith, and as much as a Southwestern theme and vibe as we can possibly cultivate!!! 

Our wonderful cowhands will be:

Nick Naney (The Special Without Brett Davis)
Irene Fagan Merrow (Reductress)
Diego Lopez (Comedy Central)
Nasser Khan (Bridgetown Comedy Festival)
Maria Wojciechowski (Second City)
John Field Hohensee (Orlando Indie Comedy Festival)

The show is also FREE (there's an option for a $5 suggested donation to help pay the performers if you're feeling it!) and the Footlight has an amazing drinks, the space is wonderful and every comic on here is a goddamn killer! Come out and hang!