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Nadia Kazmi, Night Powers, O Paradiso, The Two Youths

$10 cover
Doors 7:30pm

4 bands: 
10:15pm Night Powers
9:30pm Nadia Kazmi
8:45pm O Paradiso
8:00pm The Two Youths
Album release for Gold Into Dust
At times lean and bristling, at others transcendent and rapturous, O Paradiso's songs are bred from lush, distressed harmonic structures and sharp rhythms interwoven with both colorful and commanding lyrical interjections.
A quintet from Brooklyn featuring organ, dark psych guitar, seductive beats and diet of male and female vocals. Fans of horror and spaghetti western soundtracks Nick Cave, Baba Yaga will not be disappoointed. Just finishing their album, they are fresh from the studio with new songs from their upcoming full length...
The Two Youths reach out to the careers of David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, and Radiohead to orient their sound. Weeping falsettos and tense baritones adorn the band's set, while ambiguous guitar tones dialogue with kneading synth bass sequences.