Eyenine, Googie, Farout, Blastmaster Baker & Warren Britt Live!

The Karma Kids are bringing their strange variet of indie hip hop to The Footlight, hosting some talented road warriors alongside their local crew. These dudes are constantly travelling in the name of dope music, so let's show them how NY does it!

eyenine - https://eyenine.bandcamp.com/
GooGiE GoHarD & The Karma Kids - https://wearethekarmakids.bandcamp.com/album/tis-what-tis
FAROUT - https://farout.bandcamp.com/
Blastmaster Baker - https://blastmasterbaker.bandcamp.com/
Warren S. Britt - https://wearenotforthem.bandcamp.com/
Uncommon Nasa - http://www.uncommonnasa.com/

$8 (for touring acts)  21+