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Kielbasanova New Year's Do over / Comedy Show / Dance Party

The epic, successive let downs of 2016 are indicative of those that await us when we bid the year farewell. I mean really, where do you get off thinking you're going to get through NYE without a mishap or a celebrity death? That is why, in January of 2017, Kielbasanova is bringng you a NEW YEAR'S DO-OVER. 

You heard me right the first time: we're giving you a comedy show and a New Year's Party, again, complete with a countdown, champagne, and dancing. A second shot at getting lucky, or at the very least a shot at not being lonely or downright depressed on a pivotal night. A second pivotal night in case the first one wasn't climactic enough. 

(Disclaimer: we can't promise that none of us will keel over onstage -- but the good thing is we're not famous enough for that to be can still dance).


~Brand spankin new Kielbasanova resident, Aurora Case!

~ David Spector!

~ Marie Faustin!

~Rosa Schwartzburg (Ro Sa)!

And headlining, the one, the only NYC stand up guru, Frank Vignola! 

And..... me DJing your post laugh dance party with jams from better days plus happysad apocalyptic mash ups like this 1: