HAWT ME$$, Grammerhorn Wren, Sean T and the Mighty Mighty, Birds with Fleas, Twig Twig

Laura and Sean are celebrating their birthdays by playing music, eating awesome food and cake, and listening to other people play really awesome music and watching their friends eat cake and get drunk. 

Other virgos welcome to participate, invite your friends! 
Fun party attire requested but not required. 

Featuring: I Like Food pop up Kitchen in the bar! 

Twig Twig https://twigtwig.bandcamp.com/
Birds with Fleas: http://birdswithfleas.com/
Sean T and the Mighty Mighty: https://www.facebook.com/weirdlucky/
Grammerhorn Wren: https://grammerhornwren.bandcamp.com/
HAWT ME$$: https://hawtmess.bandcamp.com/

$5, 7:30 doors, 21+